James Bond, The Authentic Gentleman Man


I grew up with Bond movies. And I still have an appointment with my dad every time a new Bond movie comes out. James Bond is one of the greatest fictional gentleman in our history of storytelling. Everyone has his favorite actor to portray him, but it’s still the character that sparks our imagination.

Bond is smart, he is strong and knows his way around the ladies. But he still shows respect for every woman that crosses his path. He has style and he is charming. But he keeps a modest attitude. He is the man we look up to.

As new movies are still being produced, the character evolves with his time. We know him for walking through the screen in a nice, clean suit. But the modern Bond, portrayed by Daniel Craig, is a man we understand to be real and recognizable. A bit dark, a bit aloof but still quietly superior. In the latest feature Spectre, he has a distinguished style. In the real world a bit too expensive for most of us, but nevertheless an inspiration for everyone.

Take a look at some of these iconic pieces from the movie:

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