Laser-distressed Jeans


I hear lasers and jeans. And I’m all ears. Levi’s introduced a new way to distress their jeans. With kick-ass lasers.

Levi Strauss introduced a new way to distress their jeans. Project FLX, or future-led execution, is a new process that will replace hand labor with robots. By digitizing denim finish design and development, they reduce time to market and eliminates thousands of chemical formulations from jeans finishing. They claim to balance agility and sustainability while upholding their standards of craftsmanship, quality, and authenticity.

“Whatever your feelings about lasers and jeans, the technology’s ability to basically clone real vintage jeans are pretty amazing. Whether you’re a denim fanatic or a strict bargain hunter, expect to see laser-worn denim on store shelves very soon.” Read the story also on Primer.

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