Meet the founders of Hobo and Sailor


Hobo and Sailor were featured here before. But it’s time to introduce the graphic designers behind the brand, Manar Shajri, and Sveta Shubina. Together they have a DOCK 57 and specialize in creating logotypes, corporate branding, and illustrations.

The brand Hobo and Sailor was founded in 2011 and is dedicated to the history of the 20th century. They make simple and functional things, based on authentic sports and workwear analogs. All produced for a limited time and in Russia. The style is much inspired by vintage sailor and worker outfits, but are adapted for your everyday outfit.

I have been following Sveta for a while on Instagram, and I fell in love with her illustrated ladies. As a classic vintage pinup enthusiast, I like the retro look inspired by the classic cheesecake photos. The girls are cute, sexy, and sometimes a bit naughty. I’m not sure if Sveta sells her illustrations, but I am waiting for them to be featured in the Hobo and Sailor shop.

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