The 17 Sustainable Lifestyle Goals

Why is it important to take action as an individual?
When I’m the only one who will benefit from it?
How can this add up to the whole?

To understand the importance of action, you first need to understand the root of the problem. Luckily, there are many great organizations with a deep explanation of the causes.

Once you have a basic understanding of the problem, you can learn how to take your first steps. Even a small action by a single person will be sufficient. It’s important to do whatever you can. You can’t change the world on your own, but without any action, nothing will either.

Find the balance and limits of your actions. As long as you remain honest and transparent with the steps you take, your actions will be credible and effective.

However, don’t underestimate the power of activism. You can create an impact by pointing to the truths and facts. And you can show others the opportunities and the individual advantages.

Sustainability can be measured by multiple parameters, so don’t try to be perfect, what you are doing is okay. It’s important to have an impact on your community, lawmakers, and decision-makers.

The United Nations declared 17 Sustainable Development Goals. These goals, which are one and indivisible, reflect the three dimensions of sustainable development: economic, social, and ecological. As change starts with you, these goals can guide you too on a personal level.

17 Sustainable Lifestyle Goals

Modesty. Be grateful for what you have. Share the things you no longer need and donate to goodwill.

Plant-based diet. Ask yourself if you really need to consume animal products with every meal. Go vegan for 6 days of the week, instead of the other way around.

Well-being. Always remember the positive. In order to push through, focus on what is going well. Be grateful and share positivity with others.

Lifelong learning. Never give up on the pursuit of knowledge. You can grow as a person and develop new insights on the way.

Be understanding. Every person is different, but we are all the same. Try to put yourself in some else’s shoes, and look at things from another perspective.

Less water usage. Think twice when using clean water for anything other than your thirst. Water is becoming scarce in many places on earth.

Smart energy usage. Better energy consumption can be done on any level. Use devices that use energy more smartly.

Financial freedom. Your income should always match your expenses. Try to find solid and secure income streams to live the life you want.

Humane technology. Cut your digital intake and reclaim your time by using your technology in a smart way.

Empathy and compassion. Fight back on hate and polarisation with more understanding and conversation. Expose yourself to different perspectives and engage with people who don’t share your views.

Community participation. Make sure your community is safe and resilient. Do volunteer work and support local initiatives.

Minimalism. Add value to your life with things, people, or ideas. Not the other way around. Don’t overload yourself with more than you can handle.

Climate action. Do whatever you can and donate a small part of your time, energy, or resources to fight climate change.

Ocean preservation. Oceans are critical to all life on earth. The oceans on earth are the home for most of all life, absorb most of the carbon, and produce most of our oxygen.

Biodiversity aid. Our earth relies on biodiversity to keep everything in balance. A less diverse earth is less stable and not equipped to deal with the pressures we put it on.

Peace. With more understanding, compassion and empathy come more balance between individuals. To solve discord, we need to keep the conversation going.

Team player. Change is hard, and solving problems is difficult to do on your own. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, or to provide guidance to others. Be an ambassador of good deeds or a mentor to those who may need it.

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