You don’t need a wristwatch

Do you really need to wear a wrist watch nowadays? Is it just an accessory to your outfit? Or is it still useful? You decide.

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Men’s Headwear: caps

Men still have one privilege in fashion, and that is headwear. You can easily find a suiting hat or cap for every occasion. Whether you go to the beach or a business meeting. You always have options. Of course not every man can pull of every type of headwear. But on most occasions you can successfully make it …

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Every man needs an apron

In this blog post they are not talking about your “Kiss the cook” apron you wear during your weekly BBQ in the summer. No, let’s take a real view at the apron, and look how it can make you look smart and keep you clean. In a nutshell, these are the main advantages of wearing an …

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Everyday Carry: Average Work Day

Even though we don’t carry a purse, we do fill our pockets with stuff. Take this Everyday Carry from a 30 year old Internal Medicine Resident. A watch, a multitool, lip balm, and so on. But definitely take a look a the Field Notes memo book. They are pretty awesome.

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