It’s not uncommon for parents to look forward to that one moment. That moment your kid decides to sleep through the whole night. Finally! Nevertheless you’ll still wake up a few times that night. Just because you are used to.
I have read this a few times, and the one linked to this post (find it in the bio) explains it again. Sleeping through the night is a matter of definition. As a parent you consider a good night’s sleep as at least 8 hours of rest. But for your baby it’s a mere 5 hours. So putting your baby to sleep at 7 in the evening, it will wake up around midnight. And yes. Again at 5 in the morning. The brutal truth is that your kid shouldn’t be sleeping through until they go to school!
The reason your kid will probably wake up a few times at night, is because it wants to be fed. According to the World Health Organization @who, babies should drink breastmilk up to 2 years old. And feeding during the night is still important in this period. It will help with their growth and development.
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#baby #breastmilk #fatherhood #mydaughter #parent

I don’t know what the problem is with Millennials and the names of their kids. But I hear some pretty weird firstnames from time to time. Huffpost decided to look back at the most popular names for boys and girls, 50 years ago (1967).
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#baby #babynames #fifties #kids #oldschool

New Dad Survival Guide

Most of us are going to be a dad some day. So you better be prepared. But in my experience most of it comes naturally if you are holding your new born child.

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