Non-fungible art

Can non-fungible tokens boost the art world? In a previous post, I discussed how the art world is rigged. The price of fine art is manipulated. Galleries and auction houses drive up the price in all sorts of ways. The question remains if this will be different in the NFT art community. Looking around on …

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Mike Winkelmann (aka Beeple)

Cryptocurrency and energy consumption

Despite increasing mainstream adoption of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, there are major concerns about their carbon footprint. And even though it is debatable how concerned we need to be, the fact remains that cryptocurrencies use a ton of electricity without any improvement in the future. The problem is visible because it seems easy to measure …

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TechCrunch's debate on crypto and energy

Bitcoin explained

Explaining Bitcoin is hard. Because it’s hard to understand it completely. But I gave it a shot. And provided you with some basics. Whether it is a good investment or not, is totally up to you for now. I’m taking my first steps in Bitcoin. But in order to know what I’m investing in, I …

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