Turn old smartphones into security cameras

There is finally a reason for those old smartphones you have lying around. Use them as security cameras in your home with Manything @manythingapp. It's easy to install, cheap and practical to use. You can even connect Manything with IFTTT. Home security and automation has never been easier! #android #camera #home #homeautomation #ifttt #iphone #manything #security #smarthome #smartphone


I never understood people's obsession about mowing their lawn. We have a big garden, which is impossible to maintain weekly. So we created a smaller lawn, just for us and the kids. Everything else is left to nature. And believe me I'm not ashamed either to have deers, foxes and even wild hogs in our garden. And you know what? It turns out that "highly manicured lawns produce more greenhouse gases than they soak up". So that's that. Stop mowing your lawn. #garden #gardening #globalwarming #grass #home


@curbed gives a great introduction on how to turn you home into a 'smart home'. The old buzz word 'domotica' is dead. As it has never been easier to improve your home with smart devices. Without spending your life savings on it. "The best starting place is to really think of a problem you want to solve." Who needs a refrigerator to reads his tweets anyway? #chromecast #curbed #home #household #nest


Ask me 10 years ago, and I would have never guessed that I would end up here. But it's home. It's safe. And it's beautiful. Surrounded by nature and my lovely family. We keep working on our little heaven, and we will get there. #country #countrylife #family #heaven #home

Candles can't get more manly than The Bygone Candles. Apple and oak, perfect for a cosy fall evening with the misses! #accessories #apple #candles #home #oak