Is the earth full?

July 11th we celebrate World Population Day. We are currently with over 7.6 billion people on this planet. Even though that number keeps rising, the growth has slowed. And it is believed that the total population will stop growing in the coming decennia. The theme of this year is “Family Planning is a Human Right”. …

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Within 4.6m years the Y chromosome might disappear. Unlike all other chromosomes, Y chromosomes are only ever present as a single copy, passed from fathers to their sons. So what does that mean? The demise of men? Not quite. Some species already lost their Y chromosomes completely. And males and females are both still necessary for reproduction. In these cases the SRY master switch gene that determines genetic maleness has moved to a different chromosome. And the interesting thing about humans is that while the Y chromosome is needed for normal human reproduction, many of the genes it carries are not necessary if you use genetic engineering. Even though that means same-sex female couples or infertile men will be able to conceive. It seems highly unlikely that fertile humans would just stop reproducing naturally.
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#humanrace #men #science #ychromosome