Robots for little geeks

A few years ago I designed a few robots. I intended to use them for my portfolio website, but never got around to it. The bots were just sitting on my hard drive all this time, and now I finally allowed them to come out of hiding. So, here it is, I present my first ... #fashion #geek #kids #kidsfashion #mydesign #nerd #robots #styling #tshirt

Parenting around the world

Parenting is not the same in every part of the world. Heck, not even in every household in your own town. And that's okay. We learn from each other. Because somewhere in the middle is the best way to raise a kid. Take a look at these 11 parenting styles around the world. You might not agree with all of them. But every culture brings its own rules and morals to the mix. #aroundtheworld #family #fatherhood #kids #motherhood #parenting

As a European I am appalled with the amount of deadly shootings that take place in the USA. And as much as I try to understand why Americans find it so important to keep hold of their guns. I don't understand why lawmakers stay so indifferent on the subject. Local news here reported there already have been 18 shootings this year in schools in the US. We are 44 days in 2018. No child should fear for his life at their school. #changenow #gunproblem #kids #schoolshooting #usa

I don't know what the problem is with Millennials and the names of their kids. But I hear some pretty weird firstnames from time to time. Huffpost decided to look back at the most popular names for boys and girls, 50 years ago (1967). #baby #babynames #fifties #kids #oldschool

The Strong Museum in Rochester, New York, aka the "Museum of Play", has every toy from your childhood. And that from your ancestors. They have a complete collection divided in different categories to represent toys and games throughout the US history. #childhood #collectors #kids #museum #newyork

Our son's 3rd birthday is coming up, and we want to buy him his first real bike. He loves riding his balance bike (technically still a tricycle). And I'm pretty sure he would love a Public bike @publicbikes. But too bad they only ship to the continental US... Any other suggestions maybe? #bike #birthdaypresent #firstbike #kids #publicbike

Without getting too much into politics. This video of AJ+ @ajplus explains a trend that is visible worldwide. Apparently humans are getting fewer children. To keep populations stable in industrialized countries, we need to have 2.1 babies. But those numbers are lower in the US and Europe. And in Japan these numbers seem to be the lowest with just 1.41 babies per woman. It's not a matter of infertility, but it's a clear choice. As we become more focused on our careers, gaining more money, getting a better health. We tend to live longer, and just have less babies. #children #fatherhood #future #japan #kids

They already introduced new Barbie dolls a while ago. And now it was time to upgrade Ken. Meet a whole new generation of Ken dolls. Including one with a man bun. Really. Read the full story on GQ @gq. #barbie #doll #generation #ken #kids

Written by a mother's point of view, I don't really see it differently as a father. Make time for each other, make sure you feel and look your best and never forget to keep communicating in a relationship. But these things take time as well. So my advice. Don't stress it. As long as you both know what's needed, things will fall in place again soon. Photo by @thehivemag #advice #fatherhood #kids #linkinbio #marriage

Scientific studies rarely take our side. But that doesn't change the reason why your wife, the mother of your children, is awake every night. Besides the midnight feedings, or throw ups, the multiple nature calls, or just your snoring throughout the night. Your spouse is just worrying about the family. Again. #family #fatherhood #insomnia #kids #parenthood

If you are in the US, you can subscribe to STEM-related toys from Amazon now. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. They are educational toys for your kids. #amazon #education #kids #parenthood #science

"A dad's feelings on a 5th miscarriage." Al Ferguson, founder of The Dad Network @thedadnetwork, talks about how he is coping with a 5th miscarriage. Heartbreaking and sad. In my family we know from experience what a miscarriage feels like. But we can not imagine the pain of a 5th. #dad #father #heartbreaking #kids #miscarriage