Parenting around the world

Parenting is not the same in every part of the world. Heck, not even in every household in your own town. And that’s okay. We learn from each other. Because somewhere in the middle is the best way to raise a kid. Take a look at these 11 parenting styles around the world. You might …

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Tips for your marriage

Written from a mother’s point of view, I don’t really see it differently as a father. Make time for each other, make sure you feel and look your best, and never forget to keep communicating in a relationship. But these things take time as well. So my advice. Don’t stress it. As long as you …

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Women’s insomnia

Scientific studies rarely take our side. But that doesn’t change the reason why your wife, the mother of your children, is awake every night. Besides the midnight feedings or throw-ups, the multiple nature calls, or just your snoring throughout the night. Your spouse is just worrying about the family. Again.

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