Why do you travel?

If we can learn something from today’s crises, it’s that traveling doesn’t come without consequences. Either to our own health safety or to the environment. By now we understand that traveling by plane for instance releases a lot of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Have you ever looked at the chemtrails in the sky? There are …

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Are billionaires immoral?

Billionaires are not immoral. But the idea that people exist who own their own island, while others living in the big cities aren’t even able to afford basic health care, is. The question is how we can balance this wealth. And more importantly, who do you trust with it? Watch Mark Zuckerberg explaining his point …

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Side hustles

Find the right side hustle is not an easy search. You can look up a ton of online articles about business ideas and techniques to make money on the side. But I remain skeptical. If it really were that easy, not many people would be talking about how they do it. It often seems you …

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Bitcoin explained

Explaining Bitcoin is hard. Because it’s hard to understand it completely. But I gave it a shot. And provided you with some basics. Whether it is a good investment or not, is totally up to you for now. I’m taking my first steps in Bitcoin. But in order to know what I’m investing in, I …

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